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Re: Moving to kernel 2.4.17 questions.

On Mon, 2002-02-18 at 14:19, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> I am currently running kernel 2.2.17 on a Woody box.  I want to move to
> kernel 2.4.17 (so that I can install a USB port) and I have a few
> questions.

I would recomend waiting till 2.4.18 comes out.  It is currently at rc1
and I would think it will be out soon.  The reason for this is because
2.4.18 has a number of USB fixes plus someother stuff that is better
than 2.4.17  I have been using 2.4.18 rc1 for 3 days now and I love it. 
I think it is much better than 2.4.17.  Also maybe you should think
about cooking your own kernel.  You end up with a smaller kernel that is
better suited to your hardware.  But this is just my opinion.  

-Scott Henson


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