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Re: digital camera reccomendations for debian

begin  nate  quotation:

> after my recent bout with printers...i feel the need
> to ask the list what is a good COMPADIBLE digital
> camera for debian(potato or testing, but not unstable).
> from the looks of it, gphoto is a popular program,
> and supports a bunch of cameras,im lookin for something
> under $500..

Gphoto2 allegedly supports my Canon PowerShot G2, but I never got it to
work; gphoto2 just insisted the camera wasn't there. Fortunately, I
found a better solution anyway. The G2 uses compact flash (CF) cards for
storage, and for $20 or so you can buy a USB reader for these CF cards.
The CF reader looks to Linux like a removable SCSI drive, so you just
put the card in it, mount the card as a VFAT filesystem, and copy the
files off of it. No gphoto required. Though of course your kernel has to
have decent USB support, so I don't know if a 2.2 kernel would do.

> something that looks interesting is the
> Canon PowerShot S300 mentioned on gphoto's page
> as being compadible, i see it listed on one place i
> buy from for $468. I don't know anything about
> digital cameras, as far as what is considered good
> or not, haven't used one before and haven't had a camera
> period since 1993.

Consult Digital Photography Review at http://www.dpreview.com for expert
reviews and user opinions of a wide variety of digital cameras.

The PowerShot S300, according to DP Review, uses CF card storage, so the
card reader trick I mentioned above should work if your system has good
USB support.

> i'd like something that has a decent flash, and
> decent quality.

That depends what you mean by "decent". You'll have to judge for
yourself; DP Review should have more than enough information, including
sample pictures for many cameras.


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