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Duplicating installed system


I am currently running woody. I have a couple of other machines on which
I would like to have the same setup. I plugged the hard disk of another
machine to the machine running woody and used rsync -aH to copy all the
directories. Everything appears to be normal (permissions, etc). There
was a problem in the copied dev directory (wrong major and minor
numbers). Just ran MAKDEV again in that directory and everything was
fine. Again lilo complains about invalid /dev/hda1 (dos partition). But
it can be mounted. So, I just commented out and ran lilo. No complaints
now. But while booting it just stops and says, 

  Kernel panic: I can't find a root and I want to scream.

Everything is there. Checked the /etc/fstab and all other places.
Everything seems (to me) proper. What would be the best way to copy an
existing installation on to a new hard disk?

I tried searching the archives and could not find any thing to help. If
this has been already answered, can some kind sould point me to proper


Sridhar M.A.                         mas@uomphysics.net

"We don't have to protect the environment -- the Second Coming is at hand."
-- James Watt

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