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Re: Duplicating installed system

fine. Again lilo complains about invalid /dev/hda1 (dos partition).
it can be mounted. So, I just commented out and ran lilo. No
now. But while booting it just stops and says,

  Kernel panic: I can't find a root and I want to scream.

Everything is there. Checked the /etc/fstab and all other places.

I guess the problem is that the root disk on the new system is
not on the same partition as it was on the old system. Either
the kernel itself knows where the root fs is, and in that case
you have to tell it with rdev where it is, or you have to tell
it in lilo.conf.

The kernel has to know from where to mount root. /etc/fstab can't be
read before the root filesystem is mounted, so it has to be told
in another way (lilo.conf or rdev).


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