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RE: W32/Myparty

I used to use Eudora as my main MUA, but I find that Outlook
meets my needs better.  Outlook isn't *just* an MUA, it also
has a calendar, a task scheduler, a journal, etc. (all of which
I use, actually).  Since I'm going to use Outlook for these functions
anyways, I figure I might as well use it for e-mail.

Viruses aren't a problem as I like to think I have a bit more
common sense than the average Outlook user.  You might notice the
"X-Scanner:" header in my e-mail messages.  All incoming and outgoing
mails are scanned for virii on the mail server and I also run a virus
scanner on my desktop (McAfee/NAI on the server, Trend Micro on my

BTW, each message I send out is copied to a folder on my IMAP store,
so resending a message is not a problem for me (if I need to do so,
which isn't often).

Anyways, I think we can call an end to this MUA war (which seems to
start back up every couple of weeks or so).  You use what you like,
I'll do the same, and we'll be happy campers.


Jeremy L. Gaddis     <jeremy@gaddis.org>

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At 00:11 -0500 01.02.2002, Jeremy L. Gaddis wrote:
>Are you saying that when I decide to read the debian-* lists
>I'm subscribed to, I should close Outlook, SSH to the mail
>server and read them using {elm|mutt|pine|other_mda}?  Like
>anything else, it comes down to what you like best and what
>does the job well.  I run Linux on my servers because it does
>the job better.  On the same note, I run Windows on my desktop
>machines because, at this time, Linux, IMO, sucks ass as far
>as desktops go.

For your own advantage
you should close Outlook - for ever.
And switch to Eudora.
Under Win oder Mac.

Since Eudora is a separate programm
and not so closely connected to the WinOS,
viruses can' get active that easily,
e.g. vbs-attachments.

I never understood
why people use such a complicated email client
when there is a much more handy alternative like Eudora.
You want to send a mail to a person you mailed before.
In Eudora
you klick "send again"
and change the relevant message text.
Everything else remains:
- to, from
- beginning and end of body
- sig

In Outlook you do not have a command like that.
The people who programmed Outlook
should be condammed to use it for livetime.


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