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Re: New XFree broke kdm and gdm

Quoting Johann Spies (jspies@sun.ac.za):

> I can run X from startx without a problem, but as soon as I use kdm or
> gdm (I did not try xdm) the keyboard is dead.
> Did anybody else experience the same?

Moooost likely you have more than 6 virtual consoles, or
something else that is holding the default virtual console 7 that is
normally used by *DM to manage input from the keyboard.

With GDM:
    Edit /etc/gdm/gdm.conf and find the section that says [servers].
    There you should see something like:
        0=Standard vt7
    Then change that to:
        0=Standard vt13
    Save, and restart GDM, it should work now. There's only one big
    change, switch to consoles (Control-Alt-F1), and then try switching
    back to X with: Alt-F1, Alt-Left. (instead of Alt-F7)

It should me kind of the same with KDE or XDM, but I don't know, I use
GDM. I have virtual consoles on Alt-F1 till Alt-F11 and syslogd logging
to Alt-F12 :) My X _has_ to be on vt13.


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