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Re: W32/Myparty

begin  Jeremy Gaddis  quotation:

> Viruses aren't a problem as I like to think I have a bit more
> common sense than the average Outlook user.

I expect at least 90% of Outlook users think the same of themselves.

> You might notice the
> "X-Scanner:" header in my e-mail messages.  All incoming and outgoing
> mails are scanned for virii on the mail server and I also run a virus
> scanner on my desktop (McAfee/NAI on the server, Trend Micro on my
> desktops).

Not good enough. Virus scanners only notice viruses they know about;
they don't catch the new one that just got launched a few hours ago and
is already spreading around the world like wildfire thanks to the
popularity of insecure Microsoft products.

If you use the Preview pane in Outlook or Outlook Express, then there's
no way for you to even delete the message from your inbox without
activating the virus, because any click on the message will cause it to
be rendered in the Preview pane, and any rendering of the message will
cause the embedded script to activate.

To be relatively safe with Outlook, you have to ensure that all active
scripting is completely disabled for email messages. I'm not sure about
Outlook, but Outlook Express has an option to assign itself to Internet
Explorer's "restricted zone", which you can then configure in IE to
disable all scripting, all ActiveX, etc.


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