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RE: W32/Myparty

At 00:11 -0500 01.02.2002, Jeremy L. Gaddis wrote:
Are you saying that when I decide to read the debian-* lists
I'm subscribed to, I should close Outlook, SSH to the mail
server and read them using {elm|mutt|pine|other_mda}?  Like
anything else, it comes down to what you like best and what
does the job well.  I run Linux on my servers because it does
the job better.  On the same note, I run Windows on my desktop
machines because, at this time, Linux, IMO, sucks ass as far
as desktops go.

For your own advantage
you should close Outlook - for ever.
And switch to Eudora.
Under Win oder Mac.

Since Eudora is a separate programm
and not so closely connected to the WinOS,
viruses can' get active that easily,
e.g. vbs-attachments.

I never understood
why people use such a complicated email client
when there is a much more handy alternative like Eudora.
You want to send a mail to a person you mailed before.
In Eudora
you klick "send again"
and change the relevant message text.
Everything else remains:
- to, from
- beginning and end of body
- sig

In Outlook you do not have a command like that.
The people who programmed Outlook
should be condammed to use it for livetime.


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