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Re: ppp connection

> > > I am trying to get a friend's Potato R3 install to connect to his ISP so
> > > we can download and install a version of X that will work.
> > > I ran pppconfig and entered the information correctly, but pppon fails to
> > > connect.
> > > I set up wvdial and ran it. It will connect and even get an IP address
> > > for the ppp connection, but I cannot reach any outside boxes.
> > > Unfortunately I've never set a Debian box up using a modem before, so I'm
> > > stumped about what to do next. Any ideas?
> > >
> > > The ISP is earthlink.
> > > The modem is a USR v.Everything Courrier External on ttyS0.
> > >
> don't touch route. this is a simple dialup connection--double check that you 
> have the correct dns ip numbers. in fact, post your /etc/resolv.conf, 
> /etc/hosts, and /etc/network/interfaces, so people can get an idea of what 
> the problem might be. do you have the right dialup number? it's possible that 
> you're dialing into a server that isn't part of the network you want to 
> connect to. if all else fails, get on the phone with the isp and get them to 
> explain why, when you've configured everything appropriately, that you can't 
> connect. the main thing here is that that route statement above is totally 
> superfluous for a simple dialup.
I don't have the files here, but I _know_ the resolve.conf file is good, we
double checked it. hosts contains localhost and the us and non-us debian
download sites. I'm not sure what's in interfaces, but I'll ask him to send
me the files, and I'll forward them on.
The phone number is the same one he uses under windoze, and all the DNS IPs,
and other info are straight from the windoze connection.
And it's not a DNS problem, pinging by IP does nothing.
Unfortunately, we can't get support from earthlink, because it's not windoze
or mac.
I just thought of something...the login has an '@' in the middle. Should
that be escaped in the config files?

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