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Debian Vs RedHat

I'm starting a "Debian Vs Redhat" comparision.  At this point I just have 
the ball rolling.  Many other people showed interest so I'm throwing this
out for public addition/correction.  (We use Solaris systems so the 
SYSV/BSD is a valid point)

Please feel free to add on, but lets keep the jokes to a minumum for now...


Common to both:
  Integrated Package Management (rpm/deb)
  Alien can be used to convert RPM's to DEB and vice versa.
  Commercial Support from outside paid vendors

  Server Oriented
  Integraged software install/update tool  (apt) [a version is available for redhat 
    but requires considerable time/effort to install]
  Publicly available 3 tier development cycle (dev, test, production)
  Publicly available bug archive for testing and searching
  System layout is SYSV like Solaris

  Well Known
  Desktop Oriented
  No pre-installed install/update tool (apt)
  Dev and Test cycles are internal only or non-existant
  Bug tracking system is not available for searching
  System layout is BSD

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