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Re: Debian Vs RedHat

also sprach Robert L. Harris <Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net> [2002.01.09.2146 +0100]:
> Debian:
>   Server Oriented

not necessarily... it's pretty alround if you ask me. and so is redhat,

>   Publicly available 3 tier development cycle (dev, test, production)
>   Publicly available bug archive for testing and searching
>   System layout is SYSV like Solaris

strictly in accordance with the FHS
it has proper standards
it has excellent mailing lists
it's non-profit
it's the "cleanest linux" next to slackware
it *is* well known
it's international

> RedHat:
>   No pre-installed install/update tool (apt)

in fact, if you want to use the update service, you'll pay!

>   System layout is BSD

huh? i don't think so.

it's commercial
it's american

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