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Re: man v. info

On Wed, Dec 26, 2001 at 04:31:12PM +0100, Michael Mauch wrote:
| You might argue that I should use w3m or links to read those large HTML
| files - but then I would have to remember the keystrokes of these
| programs (i.e. I can't use my favourite browser) and I have to
| install/build these programs on other machines 

Well, yeah, but sometimes console-only is required.  In any case links
does an awesome job with javadoc docs.  Now if only I could use my
scroll wheel with it :-) (maybe I can, I haven't really tried).

| ((X)Emacs is everywhere).


$ dpkg -l \*emacs\* | grep "^ii"

I think I just found "nowhere" :-).



If your company is not involved in something called "ISO 9000" you
probably have no idea what it is.  If your company _is_ involved in ISO
9000 then you definitely have no idea what it is.
                                (Scott Adams - The Dilbert principle)

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