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Help with onboard RAID.


I have a Microstar motherboard(K7TPro-RU) with onboard RAID. 
I'm trying to figure out how to get it to work with Debian/sid. 
The RAID controller is an onboard Promise 20265R (possibly a FastTrak chip)
(See http://support.promise.com/Linux/Default.htm)

Promise has released FastTrak drivers for SUSE, RedHat, TurboLinux and 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the requisite
locations (linuxdoc.org, google, the archives). Most of what I have found
has dealt with software RAID and while I know some would argue that
the Promise technology is really software RAID, I am not interested in
starting that war up again.

Just FYI, this was all started because Fry's electronics had a great deal
on WD Caviar 60GB 7200RPM IDE drives with a 75$ rebate. They have a current 
sale on 80GB drives (199$ - 75$) until the 27th.

Thanks in advance.


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