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Re: Printing HOWTOs a problem. Newbie #61

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 12:26:55AM +0200, Ian Balchin wrote:
| Hi,
| I print out some of the HOWTOs for reading.
| say ...........
| $ zless /usr/share/doc/HOWTO/en-txt/Net-HOWTO.txt.gz | pr -o4 | lpr    
| After a few pages the printing suddenly slips down the page and is
| then across the tear line of the continuous stationary that I use.

Really annoying.  The librarians at my high school (before I
graduated, at least) were not computer literate at all.  The line
printers there _always_ had the paper inserted wrong so that printed
pages never matched (and always bridged) the physical pages.

I think it may help if you used CUPS as the print spooler, and used a
back-end that converted to plain text.  The CUPS 'lp' command takes
options such as "-o number-up=2" to get 2 pages per sheet of paper.
If I take an RFC and "zcat rfcNNNN.txt.gz | lp -o number-up=2" I get
really nice output.  (although I have different printer hardware)

Anyways, what happens for you if you leave 'pr' out of the pipe?  Does
it align any better?



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