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Re: exim on a dialup

On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 10:27, ben wrote:

> thanks for your help. if i get it sorted, i'll get back to you.

Good luck. Essentially, I think you're set when you take eximconfigs
option 2 and accept more or less the defaults plus proper email-aliases.
Then you have to live with rewriting of internal addresses, however.

OHMYGOD!!! No that I say this I see that I /am/ an idiot. Forget my
headers, please. Some days ago I actually configured my mailer
(evolution) to send using my ISP's smarthost when sending from my
ISP-address and to use exim without rewriting when sending from my home
address (because of the rewriting problem). Of course my headers look

Kind regards, M.

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