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Re: exim on a dialup

On Thu, 2001-12-13 at 09:30, ben wrote:

> i'm still getting this:
> Received: from ben by localhost with local (Exim 3.33 #1 (Debian))

Did you restart exim ('/etc/init.d/exim restart' as root)?

> what's the syntax for /etc/email-addresses? i may have screwed that up.

Easy. I'm mario on my machine and mario.vukelic@chello.at at my ISP. So
I put into my /etc/email-aliases:

mario: mario.vukelic@chello.at

It should work. But to be sure that I don't lead you onto a wrong track:
do my headers actually look ok?. For otherwise I'm an idiot and you
shouldn't listen to me. (Try one of my previous messages. I'm at the
moment playing around with IMAP and this current mail is sent from my
IMAP account on my local machine. I'm not sure if I'm screwing something
up again :)

Cheers, M.

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