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Re: does mydql-server require more than loopback interface?

Le 2001.12.13 01:34, Jason M. Harvey a écrit :
> hello,
> i'm running php-nuke with mysql on potato with apache. at home, i'm
> running woody. i have the same set up (apache, mqsql-server, php4, the
> php-sql package)... at home, i only have a lo (loopback) interface, no
> eth, no ppp. 
> mysqld starts just fine, no errors. i think i've narrowed down the cause
> to mysqld not listening on any tcp port. in the conf file for mysqld, i
> did tell it to listen on tcp port 3306, or whatever the default is.
> when mysqld is running, netstat doesn't list it anywhere... i think this
> is my problem.
> anyone ever used a similar setup with only lo?

Be sure that loopback interface have a domain name like localhost (in
mysqld open a socket in /var/run/myqsld

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