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Re: mutt and urlview oddity (alternatives)

FWIW - I find mhonarc (Sid package) to be a better alternative to
urlview.  With it I load the entire email with click-able links into my
favorite browser.  Gives me a lot more context for selecting links to
see the whole email.  The following .muttrc macros give me this

macro index \cb "|mhonarc - -single > /tmp/email.html; opera /tmp/email.html \n"
macro pager \cb "|mhonarc - -single > /tmp/email.html; opera /tmp/email.html \n"

Obviously substitute your favorite browser for opera.

An even better alternative (IMO) is to use multi-gnome-terminal for
running Mutt.  It allows you to Ctrl-click URLs in any visible text to
invoke the Gnome-configured URL handler.

Just thought it was worth mentioning.



                  \_O<  \_O<  \_O<
 Steve Cooper          Redmond, WA

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