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Re: Newbie comments & queries

on Tue, Dec 04, 2001 at 10:29:19PM -0500, Brenda J. Butler (bjb@achilles.net) wrote:
> > I was getting no reaction from the modem with a command sent as an 
> > echo. Neither did I succeed in either sending anything from 
> > minicom, what I mean is that I could not even type an AT command 
> > to send in minicom, nothing would appear on the screen from the 
> > keyboard.
> Ah, maybe you have to change from half-duplex to full-duplex?
> (or vice versa, I can never remember)...
> I know I never had any success trying to cat (or echo) text
> straight into the /dev/ttyS0 file to try to get the modems
> attention.  I always had to use a program (whether minicom,
> or wvdial, or some kind of ppp chat method).
> Could be I just did it wrong.  Maybe the
> echo foo > /dev/ttyS0
> method doesn't have any way to say back "OK".  Except for
> lighting up the lights and making beeping noises, of course.

AFAIK, it doesn't.

My usual test is to run a test string into the modem which activates the
dialer, and calls some "safe" number -- time info (767-1111 in most of
the US).  This lets me find out if the blamed box is working or not, if
the speaker's working and you can hear the dialtone, ring, and voice
pickup on the far end.


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