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IPSEC questions

Hello all.

I've been looking into ipsec for Linux, and have read the recent posts
by nate et al.  vpnd and vtun look promising, but I have the unenviable
circumstance of needing to talk to a 'doze network whose servers talk
to remote hosts via some ipsec implementation.

Does anyone know about doing this with Linux, and what are the
implications if using a 2.4.x kernel?  As I indicated in an errant post
earlier, I've noticed the sad crypto readme for 2.4.x at kernel.org.
I'm currently reading through the FreeS/WAN docs, but am unsure if I'll
be needing to move back down to a 2.2.x kernel to make this work.

Advice?  Suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Mike Pfleger
(250) 479-0321

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