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Re: Finding missing packages

"jennyw" <jennyw@dangerousideas.com> writes:

> Thanks! I didn't know about tasksel. If more stuff turns up missing I'll try
> that out and see how it works for reinstalling the whole lot. Thanks too for
> the suggestion to reinstall xfonts-base ... that did clear up the problem (I
> think; at least things look different now).

Glad that worked.
Re: fonts, I've found you can also change what fonts X uses by tweaking the 
order of the order of the FontPath lines in /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 (or
XF86Config if you're running X 3.x). For example, if you put the path
for 75dpi fonts before the 100dpi fonts it'll use the former instead of
the latter (which is what I want). I also placed the path for my
TrueType directory first in the list and now more apps appear to be
using them.

> As for getting a list of packages ... I kind of meant finding out what
> tasksel installs when you select, say, "X Window System (complete)".

>From within tasksel, you can hit the "task info" button while the cursor
is positioned over the task you wish to install and you'll get a short
description of the task, followed by a list of packages the task
installs. Use dpkg to get information on those individial packages.

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