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Re: some questions (after a HD crash)

on Sun, Nov 04, 2001 at 08:55:06PM +0000, ben (benfoley@rcn.com) wrote:

> IBM pc level hardware has always sucked, 

Ben:  Unsubstantiated blanket statements are always wrong[1].

IBM's created quite a bit of solid consumer hardware.  Thinkpads come to
mind, and their HDs are generally pretty good.

I've seen most HD manufacturers go through bad runs from time to time.
The current situation WRT IBM is disappointing.  Maxtor was known as
Crapstore for a few years.  WD's had their recalls (1-2 years back
IIRC).  British friend reports that indirect Fujitsu sales aren't
covered directly by Fujitsu's warranty in the EU.

I've got my own set of Seagate Baracuda SCSIs going strong at four

If you've got any substantiating evidence, show it.

While you're at it, hunt around that keyboard of yours for a shift key,
and put your comments after quoted content.


1.  Including this one.

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