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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

Ailbhe Leamy wrote:
> On (03/10/01 13:03), Alex Hunsley wrote:
> > martin f krafft wrote:
> > > > to email me, remove the BLOCK from addressS
> > > however, this is both obnoxious, and useless - the mass mailers that i
> > > have seen (no, i am not a spammer) have features that check for a wide
> > > variety of such blocks, and successfully remove them...
> > What's obnoxious about it? I don't want spam, dad. It's that simple.
> That's fine. I never bother to email people who use this kind of
> spamtrap, though. And a few people on this list have received
> potentially useful information from me, I know.
> Why should I go to extra bother to help you?
> Ailbhe

You shouldn't help me then, if you don't want to, or it's too much
bother. Your choice. I'm sure I can live with it. If my address puts
some people off, then so be it.

Personally, I'm quite happy to help other people when I can, whether
they use a plain email address or not.


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