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Re: SPAM WARNING: spammers use Debian lists for harvesting

jgp@operamail.com wrote:
> >===== Original Message From Ailbhe Leamy <ailbhe@ossifrage.net> =====
> >If you post to any mailing list with archives on the web you are likely
> >to have your address harvested by spammers. This is not news.
> Yeah, knee-jerk reaction on my behalf, but I would have appreciated
> having the connection between lists and spam made to me when I signed
> up, so, I make it now to anyone who might be tempted to use
> their primary e-mail address for this or any list: don't.

Exactly. People say it's "obvious" but other people are getting caught
out so it's obviously not "obvious". And what harm does it do to say in
the subscription email that a) you may get spam, and b) these posts go
to usenet? Hardly going to harm anyone, and potentially will be useful.


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