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Re: Printing with Epson 880, CUPS, & unstable - landscape only

* dman (dsh8290@rit.edu) wrote:
> Cool.  I think the
> *LandscapeOrientation: Plus90
> line the PPD is what does it.  The printer must default to landscape,
> so the ppd tells the filter/driver to rotate the page by 90° so it
> comes out portrait.  Try "Plus270" ;-) -- if you want the paper to come
> out with the bottom of the page first.
> -D

  Double cool. I guess reading the files helps :-)


> (BTW, I've been trying to get a Canon BJC-610 running on the network
> lately so I'm interested in seeing how the various things work in
> cups.  I think I have a solution, but I can't test it until I go home
> and have the printer to play with.)

  Have you tried anything else? I've tried getting my laptop to print to
a postscript printer attached to a WinNT 4.0 machine here at work, but
nothing but the CUPS did the job. However, CUPS is taking a whopping 6Mb
of laptop's precious 32Mb, so I've been looking for alternatives though
unsuscessfully. I tried xpdq, but it just fails silently on me as the
author of the only samba interface I could find on the web warned.


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