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Re: virtual hosting in apache and file locations

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 10:27:49AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> i always wondered just why debian apache puts the main homepage of a
> server into /var/www. /var isn't made for stuff that's persistens like
> a homepage! in addition, where do virtual hosts go? in general, once
> a virtual host is defined, one had better defined a virtual host for
> the primary hostname too so as to make apache work better (my
> experience). but as soon as server.mydomain.com and
> virtual.mydomain.com are both hosted by the same server, and are both
> virtual domains, they should technically be in the same hierarchy.


"5.  The /var Hierarchy

       5.1  Purpose

       /var contains variable data files.  This includes spool directories and
       files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary


       /var is specified here in order to make it possible to mount /usr read-
       only.  Everything that once went into /usr that is written to during
       system operation (as opposed to installation and software maintenance)
       must be in /var."

I think html files can be defined as variable data files. /var includes
"transient and temporary" files.  However, I don't think this means
everything in /var is non-peristent. 

As far is I know SuSE and Solaris store apache data files in /usr/local.
Which makes also sense, as /usr can contain static and dynamic files.

An argument for using /home is the fact that www-data is a user and as
such it should have its home dir in /home.

Still, from a gut feeling, I prefer /var to /home.  Maybe we could
research in more depth the reasons why /var was chosen before we decide
on changing it?

> right now, i solve this by having symlinks from /var/www/servername to
> the homedirectory of the responsible person for the domain, so that
> the actual data reside on /home. but that's not the way debian handles
> this, and i am wondering just why?
> why is debian apache making /var/www be the main directory, and why is
> debian apache not providing an easily extensible location for virtual
> domain data?
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