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Re: virtual hosting in apache and file locations

On Tue, Oct 02, 2001 at 10:27:49AM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> i always wondered just why debian apache puts the main homepage of a
> server into /var/www.

Because it can change during normal system operation (rules out /usr
and anything that typically resides on the root device), doesn't
belong to any particular user (rules out /home - and your pages
shouldn't belong to www-data unles you want to let crackers deface
them), and it's persistent (rules out /tmp).

> in addition, where do virtual hosts go?

I keep mine in /var/www/domain.tld.  Based on other responses in this
thread, that seems to be a fairly common usage.

> right now, i solve this by having symlinks from /var/www/servername to
> the homedirectory of the responsible person for the domain, so that
> the actual data reside on /home.

Why the symlink?  I make a domain-admin group for each vhost and
chown /var/www/domain.tld to someuser.domain-admin.  Lets the admins
manage their own domains and keeps the data on /var where (IMO) it

> why is debian apache making /var/www be the main directory, and why is
> debian apache not providing an easily extensible location for virtual
> domain data?

Setting up a vhost is a system task.  Since it already requires root
access, putting the directory under /var/www instead of ~domainadmin
isn't a significant burden.  Creating a new domain-admin group
requires an extra step or two, but allows for a vhost having multiple
admins; if there's only one admin, this can be skipped.

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