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virtual hosting in apache and file locations

i always wondered just why debian apache puts the main homepage of a
server into /var/www. /var isn't made for stuff that's persistens like
a homepage! in addition, where do virtual hosts go? in general, once
a virtual host is defined, one had better defined a virtual host for
the primary hostname too so as to make apache work better (my
experience). but as soon as server.mydomain.com and
virtual.mydomain.com are both hosted by the same server, and are both
virtual domains, they should technically be in the same hierarchy.

right now, i solve this by having symlinks from /var/www/servername to
the homedirectory of the responsible person for the domain, so that
the actual data reside on /home. but that's not the way debian handles
this, and i am wondering just why?

why is debian apache making /var/www be the main directory, and why is
debian apache not providing an easily extensible location for virtual
domain data?

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