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Re: mixture of potato & testing

> > I'd like a Debian guru to tell me and others why mixing distros is so
> > dangerous.  Is it just because of the changes in dependances?  Am I
> > safe by being careful of deps myself?
> Debian is (in large part) about resolving dependencies.  By mixing
> distros, you're utterly fuxnoring the dependencies situation.
> I've had pretty good luck running a Woody (testing) system and grabbing
> the odd package from Sid (unstable), but the delta is generally small:
> ten days, plus bugs.  When I say odd package, I mean just that --
> currenlty I've got Galeon and mozilla-browser from Sid as neither was in
> Woody when I installed this system (two days ago).  As Woody catches up,
> I'll make up the slack.  I'm surprised you're having as much luck as it
> seems with your Potato/Woody mix -- that's approaching 14 months of
> branched development.

Well, thanks for the info.  I am also using a bunch of stuff from Sid - looks 
like the careful approach is keeping me safe. ;-)



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