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Re: OT: html or text to rtf conversion tool?

My experience is also that PDF works fine, since they're usually just
looking for something that will pop up when they click a link, and most
people have acrobat reader installed. So converting your html to ps (by
printing it to a file), then ps2pdf might work.

There's a package out there called RTFTools; I downloaded source a while
ago to try to convert LaTeX->RTF, couldn't get it to compile, and forgot
about it. It's called "RTF Tools" but I can't quickly find an URL.

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On Mon, 1 Oct 2001, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 01, 2001 at 10:47:22PM +0100, xio wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I am trying to find a common denominator with recruitment agencies who
> > don't want to accept my cv either in html or text.  Most of them keep
> > insisting in asking for a cv in Word format.
> > 
> > Does anybody know if there is conversion tools from html or text to rtf?
> > (they'd have to run on Debian)
> Samrtass answer, sorry ... I noticed the same thing when I was out
> looking a year ago.  Most people were amazed when I told them that
> html _is_ a Word format (as far as Word is concerned).
> apt-cache search rtf (on an unstable box) yields, among others, 
>   enscript - Converts ASCII text to Postscript, HTML, RTF or Pretty-Print
> You might also consider writing your cv in LaTeX or SGML, and then use
> tools to create HTML, RTF, Postscript, etc.
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