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Re: mixture of potato & testing

on Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 10:19:23PM +0100, David (david@wardhaugh.worldonline.co.uk) wrote:
> On Thursday 27 September 2001 4:41 pm, Vittorio wrote:
> > I have an almost pure potato 2.2r3 installation (only 2.4.9 kernel is a
> > stranger!) and now I need to download gimp 1.2 which is part of woody &
> > testing. Issuing 'apt-get install gimp1.2' from woody I see that it
> > requires to download some more new-updated libs and many files for  xfree86
> > 4.1.
> I'm running a mix of Potato and Woody including Gimp 1.2.1 and all is
> well.  Kernel 2.4.9 and X4.1  Personally I'd upgrade X first and be
> sure that is all sorted first then install Gimp.  Take things one step
> at a time and you will at least know at what stage things went wrong
> should they do so.
> That said I generally grab source code and compile it myself after
> manually checking the Build depends in ..debian/control.  So far so
> good.

This may be saving you much grief.

> I'd like a Debian guru to tell me and others why mixing distros is so
> dangerous.  Is it just because of the changes in dependances?  Am I
> safe by being careful of deps myself?

Debian is (in large part) about resolving dependencies.  By mixing
distros, you're utterly fuxnoring the dependencies situation.

I've had pretty good luck running a Woody (testing) system and grabbing
the odd package from Sid (unstable), but the delta is generally small:
ten days, plus bugs.  When I say odd package, I mean just that --
currenlty I've got Galeon and mozilla-browser from Sid as neither was in
Woody when I installed this system (two days ago).  As Woody catches up,
I'll make up the slack.  I'm surprised you're having as much luck as it
seems with your Potato/Woody mix -- that's approaching 14 months of
branched development.

My advice:  pick a release track (stable, testing, unstable) and stick
with it.


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