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Re: netscape plugins in konqueror

On Saturday 29 September 2001 11:24 pm, Aaron Maxwell wrote:
> I'm having trouble setting up the Macromedia Flash plugin in Konqueror.
> I have Konqueror 2.1.1 and KDE 2.1.2, on today's woody.
> Following the directions, I installed the plugin files in
> /usr/lib/netscape/plugins/; now netscape 4.7 undestands Sockwave Flash
> just fine.
> I wanted to have the same thing in Konqueror.  Under Settings ->
> Configure Konqueror -> Netscape Plugins, I had it scan for plugins.  It
> duly found them, and now the configuration screen contains lists
> entries for teh mime types "application/x-shockwave-flash" and
> "application/futuresplash".
> According to the konqueror manual, this is all that is needed.  However
> it doesn't work (go to http://resymbol.com/go for an example of a SWF
> page that works in netscape 4.7 but not my konqueror).
> So if simply scanning for plugins doesn't work, is there another step
> that does?

I'm having the same problem and am as confused.  My KDE and Konqueror is 2.2 
and my plugins are in ~/.netscape/plugins/.  I've heard version 5 of Flash is 
a bit dodgy - can anyone confirm this?

Also, are you running Konqueror in a full KDE desktop?  I run Enlightenment 
and have noticed some of the wizzier functions only work when I start a full 
KDE session.



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