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Re: help - mouse, and installing NIC driver

Sean Quinlan wrote:
> --- Alex Hunsley <lard@tardis.ed.ac.uk> (2001-09-22 20:10):
> > I'm setting up a Debian system after a while away from linux. I've got Debian
> > 2.2 r3 (potato).
> > I can't start X up - when I try, I get the message "No mouse - couldn't find
> > /dev/mouse0" (it might not be exactly device mouse0, but you get the jist).
> > I've run xf86config and made sure that I've specified a PS/2 mouse, which is
> > what I have attached, but it's not appearing on the system - there's nothing
> > remotely called mouse in /dev/. Any ideas how to rememdy this? The mouse itself
> > works fine, it was functioning ok on a windoze system a few days ago. (It's a
> > standard microsoft intellimouse (with mouse wheel)).
> Edit the file /etc/X11/XF86Config and check that under the Pointer
> section, the protocol is "ImPS/2" and the device is "/dev/psaux".
> That should get the mouse up and running.  While you're there, you'll
> probably want to add the line
> ZAxisMapping 4 5
> to the pointer section as well, as that will give you some support for
> your wheel, although to get full support, you may want to install the
> imwheel program (apt-get install imwheel).
> Lastly, if you find that your mouse works, but it jumps to the top
> right corner every time you use it (or some other erratic behaviour),
> you'll need to run "gpmconfig" as root, set the device to /dev/psaux,
> the type to imps2 and the repeat rate to raw.
> Then edit your XF86Config file again, and change the mouse device to
> /dev/gpmdata.

Thanks for this! My mouse now works, config file points at /dev/psaux.

> > Another problem, while I'm at it - I've put a 3c network card in the machine
> > (type: 3c905cx-txm) and downloaded the drivers from
> > http://support.3com.com/infodeli/tools/nic/linuxdownloads.htm (the file I've
> > d/l is the first one, 3c90x-1.0.0i.tar.gz). As per the instructions, I've
> > gunziped and untarred the archive, and ran the file called "install3c90x" -
> > when I do this, I get "file or directory not found" - but the file certainly is
> > there! This install file has execute permission, I'm logged in as root, and I'm
> > executing it as "./install3c90x" (note the ./), so I have no idea why I get
> > this error. Anyone got any ideas?
> > [And no, I'm not mistypng the filename, since I'm using tab-completion to get
> > the full name of the file at the command prompt.]
> The problem no doubt lies with the fact that the file does not have
> its executable bit set.  Try running "chmod +x ./install3c90x" as root
> and then try executing again.

It's not that - read my original post again, especially this bit:

>This install file has execute permission, I'm logged in as root, and 


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