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Re: Help! with exim -- freezing mail

"Karsten M. Self" wrote:
> Having cleared the spool, what's the problem?
> You'd initially written saying you had frozen messages in your queue.
> You've deleted your queue, there can be no frozen messages, so what's
> going wrong now?
I have it running now, using fetchmail, and exim as a daemon (i.e. exim
-bd -qf30) -- forcing it to flush

The issue is that, although I get my messages, exim is sending them to
root as undeliverable.  I'm the postmaster, so that works out, but then
all the mail goes to my Inbox, instead of to the various files (debian,
personal, etc.)  There's a fair pile of mail, so sorting gets old really

> If it's general exim problems, try running the daemon in debug mode:
>     $ exim -d<0-11>
Did this.  gave me lots of info, but not what I need.

What I need to know, I think, is how to change what exim thinks is my
user id number.  Can I do that by uninstalling (& purging?) and
reinstalling?  Surely if it starts anew with an established set of user
ids, it ahould ppick up on those.

> Otherwise, specify your problems and/or log output (you've checked
> logfiles, right?).
Yes -- not much help, except to confirm that the mail is being sent to
Cam Ellison 
>From Roberts Creek on B.C.'s incomparable Sunshine Coast

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