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Re: Help! with exim -- freezing mail

on Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 07:20:50PM -0700, Cam Ellison (camellison@dccnet.com) wrote:
> "Karsten M. Self" wrote:


> > Removing the package won't flush your spool.
> > 
> > I suppose you read the exim manpage?
> > 
> >     $ exim -qff
> > 
> > ...should unfreeze messages, if possible.
> Yes, I read the manpage, and have been using exim -qff
> > I suspect a configuration conflict is preventing delivery.
> > 
> >    $ exim -Mvl <message id>
> > 
> > ...should print the message log to stdout for diagnostic purposes.
> That will not work now -- there's nothing in the spool.  Exim now tries
> to process messages, but there are no message to process.  (I'm
> cheating, and using Netscape temporarily)
> Having cleared the spool, what should I do next?

Having cleared the spool, what's the problem?

You'd initially written saying you had frozen messages in your queue.
You've deleted your queue, there can be no frozen messages, so what's
going wrong now?

If it's general exim problems, try running the daemon in debug mode:

    $ exim -d<0-11>

Otherwise, specify your problems and/or log output (you've checked
logfiles, right?).


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