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Re: OT: WinLinux

Quoth Karsten M. Self, 
> I'd recommend a tool such as Win4Lin over either of the prior
> suggestions.  You're working from GNU/Linux to a lesser OS.  You get
> pretty full Win98 support, and the option to administer the box
> centrally, without having to suffer through dual boots or reduced
> performance due to HW emulation.

The win4lin site does not seem to have released any patches or modules
for any kernels newer than 2.4.5 (I think). The company that makes it
(Trelos, or something), also recently featured on fuckedcompany.com. I
think it's pretty safe to say that, if you go with win4lin, you're not
going to be able to upgrade your kernel any time soon.

I was going to install it myself, but after having waited for months for
any sign of new kernel patches, decided to give VMWare a go instead.
Using the function to suspend the guest OS to disk makes jumping in and
out of windows a breeze. And with the price of RAM at the moment,
running another OS has minimal impact on my system.

Of course, I'm happy to be corrected about the untimely demise of



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