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Re: ipmasq - recompile kernel?

On Tue, 04 Sep 2001 16:38:05 David Z Maze wrote:

> Andy Laurence <andy@themidwestgroup.com> writes:
> AL> I've done an apt-get install ipmasq and it seems to have installed
> AL> correctly.  However, when I type the command 'ipmasq' I get the error
> AL> message 'IP Masquerade has not been enabled in the kernel'.  I installed
> AL> Potato using the 3 ide-pci flavour install disks.  Does this mean I have to
> AL> recompile the kernel with ipmasq included?

> I don't actually know what's in the stock kernels; I wouldn't be
> terribly surprised if they didn't include IP forwarding or random
> IPmasq modules.  Building your own kernel under Debian is fairly
> straightforward, though.  Install the kernel-package package, and read 
> its documentation for details.

Try typing in the following an examine the result (you'll do the following
steps as root):

uname -r

If it's 2.2.something then do the following:

modprobe ipchains

If it's 2.4.something then do the following:

modprobe iptables_nat

If that succeeds (i.e. doesn't complain), then re-run ipmasq.

If it's 2.0.something, you're on your own.


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