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Re: Gnome Freeze

On 01 Sep 2001 16:19:08 +0100, Keith O'Connell wrote:

> 	...when I load the Gnome desktop into play the machine will freeze at
> the first gnome action I try (selecting an icon of the desktop or
> similar). Locks up tight.

This will sound weird...

Do you have a sound card installed and the "sound server" options
selected? If you do not have a sound card you may find that something is
indefinately waiting to open a non-existant sound device to play audio -
certainly I've had this with nautilus on various GNOME desktops so I'm
just guessing that it could also have this effect. Please let me know
whether you have audio?

> To get into X again once Gnome has aborted I have to reboot!

This is probably because your /tmp contains stale files which are
preventing a correct login - when you reboot I suspect they are getting
cleaned, etc.

Remove any lockfiles from /tmp or just clean it and restart X.


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