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Re: Gnome Freeze


> This will sound weird...
> Do you have a sound card installed and the "sound server" options
> selected? If you do not have a sound card you may find that something is
> indefinately waiting to open a non-existant sound device to play audio -
> certainly I've had this with nautilus on various GNOME desktops so I'm
> just guessing that it could also have this effect. Please let me know
> whether you have audio?

Strangely enough this does not sound weird. The new board I have has a
sound chip which is supposed to be compatible with a ES1371, so I
selected this module at install time. When I tried to play a CD under
Ice, or WMaker, there was no sound. Fix the sound was one of the things
I have on my "fix-later" list. Are you saying that the sound freeze is
the cause of the Gnome desktop freeze?

I am so new as to not be able to disable a sound module or re enable
another one. I am hopeful of a fix that does not require *another* full

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