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Re: no mouse with X

On Thu, Aug 30, 2001 at 01:51:15PM -0400, Eric Cheney wrote:
> Hello.  I'm trying to introduce a debian box to my office....I am not 
> a sysadmin, so I stumble a little bit with these things.  Anyway, I want to make 
> a good impression of deb.   I've installed woody.  I'm getting weird things 
> with the mouse.  Can somebody help?  Here's what's up.
> I loaded up X server and it connects and all that.  If I start X with 
> gpm, I get a mouse, but it is very erratic and unacceptable.  So, if 
> I remove gpm, and then restart X, the mouse works fine under X.  Ok, 
> if I then reboot, there's no connection to the mouse without gpm; so after 
> reboot (after removing gpm), the mouse is dead under X.
> In the XF86Config-4 setup file I have the mouse on /dev/psaux.  I checked, 
> and there is a link from /dev/psaux -> gpmdata.  I'm using a ps/2 mouse.
That is correct.

> Any ideas?
> Thanks in advance.
Console mouse (gpm) and window managers don't always get on well, I recall
this is often a particular problem with gnome.


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