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Re: RedHat vs Debian?

* Robert L. Harris (Robert.L.Harris@rdlg.net) spake thusly:
>   I'm looking for a study/comparison of RedHat vs Debian.  We have a number
> of boxes, some production, which run everything from RedHat 6.0 and newer.
> I'd like to look at converting to Debian stable but need to justify my case
> before I can even formally suggest it.

My advice would be Don't Go There. Your job is to make money -- indirectly,
by keeping the network and 'puters operational. Massive OS upgrade will
interfere with that. Things will break, resulting in loss of productivity
and all that. Besides, don't you have better things to do, like add those 
shiny mrtg graphs to internal website?

And if your manglement *orders* you to roll an OS upgrade, make sure they
understand that things will break and any resultant losses are Not Your

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