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OT: wireless peer-to-peer

I have a simple wireless question. It is not debian-specific, but it is such a simple question that it probably does not necessitate searching for and subscribing to the appropriate wireless mailing list. Anyway, here goes...

I have a limited amount of money to try to upgrade my home lan (linux PC, linux laptop, and windows PC) to wireless. So for now, I was thinking of keeping the wired connection between the two PCs, and setting up a wireless connection between the linux PC and the linux laptop. Am I correct in thinking that I will not necessarily need an access point for this, as long as I am sure to get cards that support peer-to-peer? I am thinking that I can have three NICs in the linux PC:

#1 - ethernet card wired to cable modem
#2 - ethernet card wired to hub which is wired to windows PC
#3 - wireless PCI/PC card combo to connect with laptop

Then, when I get some more money, I can replace the hub with a wireless access point, and move the PCI/PC card to the windows PC. Would this work? Am I thinking correctly? Thanks!

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