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Why is Debian lagging so much behind Slackware?

We're a small group mulling over the respective merits of Debian and
Slackware for a newbie. Of course, since apt-get takes care of installing
dependencies and upgrading the whole installed software, we were leaning
towards Debian. The newbie, even though his concerns for security are
limited, wouldn't have to care too much about it.

Only a "tiny" problem remains. Potato is not up to date and it's apparently
difficult to upgrade software unless you get patches at specialised places
( http://kde.tdyc.com for the KDE 2.x serie, for instance. ) You then must
hope the patch is well done.

We though about installing Woody, but, as you people know, the boot
disquettes don't boot yet. Potato must first be installed and an upgrade
made to Woody. Newbies might not appreciate...
As for Woody, once again, it's going to be out... when it's ready, which
might as well mean in June 2002, one year after Slack was out.

How the hell is Volkerding and his small pack managing to put out Slack 8
with XFree86 4.1.0, kernel 2.4.5, KDE 2.1.2, GNOME 1.4, glibc 2.2.3,
Mozilla, Galeon, Nautilus, ProFTPD, OpenSSH, OpenSSL, mod_ssl, mod_php...
and all the usual utilities, hardly 3 months after Mandrake rushed out
their broken down distro? Has anybody heard that Slackware isn't safe : ) ?

Is apt-get really worth this huge delay? We do plan to teach the newbie
some fundamentals.

BTW, in case you wouldn't know, even newbies like to be cutting edge...
even more so than oldies I'd say : )


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