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Re: LT WinModem and kernel headers

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Scott <waterhorse@ultrasw.com> writes:

Paul> I am trying to get my LT WinModem running under potato
Paul> 2.2.19pre17 #1 I have downloaded what seem to be the files I
Paul> need. Running the install script appropriate for Debian I get
Paul> this which I believe is the relevant part of the script output:

Best way to make the package, is to use the --with-kernel-dir= option
to tell it where the kernel is. (I usually compile my own kernels, so
I had the full source tree installed. Never tried it with only the

The latest version seems to have problems when you try to compile
against a different kernel version than the one you're running. I had
to reboot with the new kernel before the build succeeded.

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