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Re: How to fetchmail from ISP-b using SSH when ISP-a has socks?

On Sun, Jun 24, 2001 at 07:00:36PM -0700, Robert Cymbala wrote:
> My remote provider (ISP-b) has enabled SSH on my account, but am still
> getting "secure connection... refused".  What can I try next?
> My local provider (ISP-a) is www.lafn.org that I use to dial-up (uses
> a socks proxy "proxy.lafn.org:1080"). 

Well, do you know what "socks" means?  Look it up on the web if you have to.
It practically means that you must rebuild your ssh with socks support,
because IIRC the default ssh.deb doesn't have it compiled in.

Or install ssh-socks, but it is a non-free package, rms doesn't like it.

> Fetchmail gets email from
> mail.lafn.org using POP without a problem.

Because that one can be reached with bare ip, likely.

You can also put up a .forward at isp-b that forwards all your email
automatically to isp-a, so you can pop there.

> ISP-b also has POP email.  I'm attempting to use fetchmail to get that
> mail too.

Forward it through ssh-socks or rebuild fetchmail with socks support.

> I've tried this in .fetchmailrc (the real password will work using
> WebMail through a browser; I can see email):
>  defaults
>  user cymbala is cymbala
>  no rewrite
>  poll localhost with protocol pop3 and port 11110:
>  preconnect "ssh -C -f cymbala@redpraxis.org -L 11110:redpraxis.org:110 sleep 5"
>  password Password;
> Result: "secure connection... refused" and "fetchmail: pre-connection
> command failed with status 256"
> I've tried doing that ssh command by itself at a Bash prompt that
> started using ssh-agent:
>  - used ssh-keygen to make a key.
>  - ssh-agent bash
>  - echo "keyPassword" | ssh-add -p
>  - ssh -C -f ... ...
>  - SAME RESULTS: "secure connection... refused."

Before you went ahead and tried to make spectacular loopings in high air,
did you actually try walking?

Or even crawling?  The '-v' option to ssh is your friend, and together with
the manpages, there's suddenly a whole cosy circle of friends.  ;-)



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