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Re: Serial Mouse problem

Chris Everist wrote:

I have installed Debian twice now and it does not seem to recognise my
serial mouse.  It is a generic 3 button mouse with a Mouse
Systems/Microsoft switch on the bottom and I have tried both settings.
I have run xf86config from the promt and used XF86Setup from within
Gnome and have no luck.
I have tried all the possible device options I can think of
(/dev/ttyS0-4, /dev/mouse) but nothing happens.
I have checked in the /dev/ directory and cannot find a symbolic link to
the mouse driver /dev/mouse.
Do you have any idea what coule be causing this problem?
Chris Everist

Hi Chris,
you probably have gpm running wich sometimes causes trouble with the mouse under X. If gpm is running change the device to /dev/gpmdata and the mousetype to raw in your XF86Config file. that should do then,


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