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Re: An *idea* that *might* put Debian on top (?)

"Jack Pryne" <jianju@hotmail.com> wrote:
>I'm totally new to the list, and I'm not even running Debian yet, but I have 
>an idea that I'd like to bounce off the group:
>Consider that one of the major reasons that people don't use any operating 
>system besides windows is because they need to *install* it. Most machines 
>are delivered with Windows already running. Installing a new operating 
>system can be a major hurdle, even for someone with computer experience.
>What if installation *and* maintainence could be managed by a single simple 
>program, freeing the novice user from mountains of research, tweaking, and 

Please feel free to write the code. If you have ideas about how to
improve our installation, you might want to direct them to the
debian-boot mailing list, who collectively maintain the installer; a new
installer is in development for the next-but-one release.

On the maintenance side, I reckon Debian is doing pretty well, although
hardware detection is certainly a weakness.

>True, while many pieces of hardware may, as of yet, be unsupported by 
>Debian, such a system would be able to report precisely *which* pieces of 
>unsupported hardware were the *most* common amongst it's users, thus 
>providing vital feedback to the Debian developer community about what 
>drivers need to be developed in order to continue the impetus that is 

Bear in mind that most of this stuff needs to go to the kernel
developers, not Debian ...

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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