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Re: [OT] windows networking issue

On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Rob Mahurin wrote:

> > The biggest issue I had, once I had ipmasq installed, was the 'doze
> > boxes not cooperating with Samba.
> Oh, that's not good to hear.  Maybe I won't need to set that up.

Odd - I've had no problems whatsoever. I share several directories, a zip
drive, a cd-rom drive, and a printer using samba to my win98 box.

> > On the Debian systems I
> > use /etc/hosts to set names for the machines.
> 10:07 pts/0 $ grep study /etc/hosts
>        peon.study      peon
>        bravo.study     bravo
>        gow.study       gow

You can do this on the windows machine too; it goes in c:\windows\hosts. 
Same format.

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