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Re: [OT] windows networking issue

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 10:09:10AM -0400, Rob Mahurin wrote:
| On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 10:48:45PM -0400, D-Man wrote:
| > On Wed, Jun 06, 2001 at 07:37:07PM -0400, Rob Mahurin wrote:
| > | Sorry for the non-linux question, but I haven't found an answer
| > | elsewhere.  
| > | 
| > | I have a functioning network of two Debian boxes, bravo ( and
| > 
| > Two Debian boxes ...  sounds like linux to me <wink>
| Well, they aren't giving me any trouble. :)

Of course not :-).

| > | I am trying to add to this network my fiancee's Win98 machine, named
| > 
| > Ooh, time for some "fun" ;-).
| "Fun" is relative.  See following double-quoted paragraph.

Yes, that's why it was in quotes.

| > Can the 'doze box ping itself?  By localhost or  By it's
| > external IP address?
| Automatically assigning an IP via DHCP:
| "ping localhost":  	succesfully pings
| "ping gow":		succesfully pings
| "ping":	ditto

At least it can ping itself.  

| "ping peon":		"Unknown host peon."  (DNS is disabled anyway)

Right, expected.

| "ping":	"Request timed out."

Can the debian boxen ping it?

| Statically configured IP:  
| "ping localhost":  	succesfully pings
| "ping gow":		succesfully pings
| "ping peon":		"Unknown host peon."  (DNS is disabled anyway)
| "ping":	"Request timed out."

Same thing -- not a problem with the DHCP then.  Probably a good idea
to dump it now since it isn't giving you anything.

| Here's a tcpdump | grep gow with the static IP, watching gow boot up.
| 09:53:40.859140 arp who-has gow.study tell gow.study
| 09:53:41.632729 gow.study.netbios-ns >
| [2 more of these]
| 09:53:41.967426 gow.study > icmp: router solicitation
| 09:53:42.381266 gow.study.netbios-ns >
| [five more of these]
| and after 9:53:43, nothing.  Do your winboxen perform this router
| solicitation?  Is it also on this crazy address?

I'll have to check my stuff -- I haven't used tcpdump yet.  I do know
that netbios is another name for "windows networking via smb, aka
samba", or something like that.  Netbios-ns is windows' name service
and is provided by nmbd in the 'samba' package.  Netbios-<something
else I don't remember at the moment> is the actual samba stuff
provided by smbd in the samba package.

| > The biggest issue I had, once I had ipmasq installed, was the 'doze
| > boxes not cooperating with Samba.
| Oh, that's not good to hear.  Maybe I won't need to set that up.

See my other reply with more details on this.

| > If you want more specifics on how I configured the doze systems I can
| > turn one on tomorrow and see what it says.
| This would be wonderful, thank you.
| > On the Debian systems I
| > use /etc/hosts to set names for the machines.
| 10:07 pts/0 $ grep study /etc/hosts
|        peon.study      peon
|        bravo.study     bravo
|        gow.study       gow

This looks ok, but I'm not sure about the subdomain stuff (the
.study).  I don't have any subdomain stuff on my home network.

| Thanks for the help.

No problem.


PS. I'm in the lab working on an essay right now.  I'll check my
    network after I get home.

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