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Re: [OT] windows networking issue

On Thu, Jun 07, 2001 at 10:16:10AM -0400, ANDREW PERRIN wrote:
| On Thu, 7 Jun 2001, Rob Mahurin wrote:
| > > The biggest issue I had, once I had ipmasq installed, was the 'doze
| > > boxes not cooperating with Samba.
| > 
| > Oh, that's not good to hear.  Maybe I won't need to set that up.
| Odd - I've had no problems whatsoever. I share several directories, a zip
| drive, a cd-rom drive, and a printer using samba to my win98 box.

What I tried first was to get the Win98 and Win95 boxen to share with
each other.  That was where the real trouble was.  Then, after I had
my Debian gateway on the network, they started to work.  Maybe they
wanted a gateway?  Doesn't make sense because they work now even
without the gateway up and running.  (The other real trouble was
having a printer on the '98 box and using it from the '95 box.  Win98
is, *gasp*, broken.  It works fine the other way around.)

The only real problem I have had with sharing from Debian -> Win98 is
Win98 truncates all share names at ~13 characters, then it complains
that it can't find the shorter name on the server.  =p.  I haven't
tried to read the windows share from debian too much, but I didn't get
the entry in /etc/fstab right -- I had to be root to mount/unmount.
If I used smbmount directly I could use it as user.

The automount stuff from samba works great too (samba will mount the
cd when the share is accessed and unmounts it after a period of

Also, I haven't tried "user" level of authentication -- it is on
"share" right now.

| > > On the Debian systems I
| > > use /etc/hosts to set names for the machines.
| > 
| > 10:07 pts/0 $ grep study /etc/hosts
| >        peon.study      peon
| >        bravo.study     bravo
| >        gow.study       gow
| You can do this on the windows machine too; it goes in c:\windows\hosts. 
| Same format.

That's nice.


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